Pressure Washing Up close and personal

Pressure Washing Virginia Beach third story dormers with detail in mind not from the ground but up close and personal

 Why Us?

Beware the “splash and dash". This is a term we use in the industry to refer to a company that splashes on a bleach solution from the ground, rinses it from the ground, calls it clean and collects your check. Usually these companies are fly-by-night operations that give our industry a bad reputation. We do not use bleach. Bleach will break down the wood fibers that hold the wood cells together. Bleach can fade the surface being cleaned. Bleach can harm your vegetation. Another easy option for these companies is to splash a very strong caustic chemical on your property, again from the ground and rinsed from the ground. These chemicals can be harmful to the surfaces as well as your vegetation. Let’s face it, there are varying degrees of clean. Our process includes chemical and mechanical cleaning. The chemical is our safe biodegradable detergents manufactured specifically for the surface we are cleaning by the largest pressure washing chemical manufacturer in the industry. The mechanical is the pressure. We get within 6 to 8 inches of every square foot of the surface we are cleaning. We don’t stand on the ground and splash a chemical on the surface from 10 to 30 feet away and rinse it off. Sure, that would be much easier for us, but we are not looking for the easy way out, we are looking for the best clean possible for our customers. Imagine if you were to dip your dirty dinner plate in soapy water then rinse it, would you call it clean? Would you eat off it? For us to call a surface clean we must use the correct safe industrial detergent and the appropriate pressure level for the surface being cleaned. Our cleaning method is all about the details.